MAC Driver
Please insert the USB comes with the box in to your computer. A flash drive icon will usually appear on the desktop. If a dialog box does not appear, please open the Finder and select the flash driver on the left side of the window.

You can also download the latest driver here:

Double click the .pkg file, if the file can’t not be opened due to the unidentified developer when installing the driver, please follow below steps to allow the MAC OS to finish the installation.

  1. Open “System Preferences”, click the “Security & Printing”

2. Under “General”, click “Open Anyway” to set up

  1. Input your “Password” of your Mac. Then click “Modify Settings” . NOTE: If your Mac does not have a password, then click “Modify Settings” .
  1. Click “Open”, then you can continue to install the driver.
    ATTENTION: Before installation please ensure the printer is connected and turned on.
  1. Double click the NETUM NT-LP110A.dmg
  2. Double click NETUMPrinter_V1.1.0_signed .pkg to install the driver.
3.Click “continue” and “Install

4.Open “System Preferences”,and click “Printers and Scanners”.

5. Click “+” to add a new printer.

6. Turn on your printer, and choose “NETUM NT-LP110A”,select “Select Software” under “Use”

7. Input”NETUM”,and choose “NETUM NT-LP110A Printer”

8. Click “Add” then finish.