New Product

New Product

NT-2050S NETUM Omnidirectional Hands Free 2D Scanner

1.Netum 2050s is designed as an excellent solution for presentation scanning.
2.It features a motion tolerance of 2.5m/s, allowing for speedy and efficient scanning of both 1D and 2D barcodes.
3.Netum 2050S performs well with barcodes both printed on paper.
4.This 2D omnidirectional barcode scanner delivers superior performance and outstanding durability at an affordable price.
5.Netum 2050S is ideally suited for a variety of applications such as POS, customer service desk, ticket validators and O2O.

M2- NETUM Wireless Laser Scanner

M2, 1D laser handheld barcode scanner is the cordless model of M series and comes with a charge cable and a receiver. This model supports standard USB interface; With good performance, this rugged and compact scanner is very suitable for applications in supermarkets, shopping malls and warehouse environment application, etc.

R3- NETUM Bluetooth CCD Ring Scanner

The ring scanner is the ideal solution for a hands free scanning solution. With a 180° turning head, it was designed to fit comfortably on your left or right hand without getting in the way of daily tasks, like carrying boxes. Its trigger button is positioned to be easy to operate with one hand and a built-in buzzer and LED gives instant feedback on each scan.

Z3S- NETUM CCD Bluetooth Scanner

Z3S is a portable barcode scanner, providing the convenience of always having a scanner at your pocket. Dimensions of 130 x 45 x 20mm make it small enough to fit into your pocket and light enough to carry around all day. Bluetooth wireless can be used to pair the Z3S with a mobile computer, consumer phone, tablet or micro kiosk. This adaptability and portability makes it the perfect solution for industries like retail, warehousing and online to offline (O2O) applications like electronic ticketing and electronic ordering.

W6- NETUM CCD Handheld Wireless Scanner

W6 is compact & ergonomic in design, making it comfortable in use during daily operations. It delivers outstanding scanning performance and offers an excellent user experience at an affordable price. It is optimized for fast scanning of 1D barcodes printed on paper or displayed on screen to support the diverse requirements of Retail scanning and emerging applications including O2O (Online2Offline).